2001-02 Membership News

Recent Books:

Duhaime, Jean and Guy-Robert St-Arnaud, dir. La peur des sectes. Montréal: Fides, 2001.

Halpern, Baruch. David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King. The Bible in Its World. Grand Rapids: Eerdmanns, 2000.
______, with I. Finkelstein and D. Ussishkin. Megiddo III. The 1992-1996 Seasons. Tel Aviv: Institute of Archaeology, 2000.

Jobling, David, Tina Pippin and Ronald Schleifer, eds. The Postmodern Bible Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, 2001.

Kloppenborg, John S., with James M. Robinson and Paul Hoffmann, eds. The Sayings Gospel Q in Greek and English with Parallels from the Gospels of Mark and Thomas. Biblical Exegesis and Theology 30. Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters, 2001.
_______, with James M. Robinson and Paul Hoffmann, eds. The Critical Edition of Q: A Synopsis, Including the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Mark and Thomas, with English, German and French Translations of Q and Thomas. Hermeneia Supplements. Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters; Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2000.

Knoppers, Gary, and Gordon McConville, eds. Reconsidering Israel and Judah: The Deuteronomistic History in Recent Thought. Sources for Biblical and Theological Study 8. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2000.

MacDonald, Margaret Y. Colossians and Ephesians. Sacra Pagina. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2000.

McLaughlin, John L. The marzeah in the Prophetic Literature: References and Allusions in Light of the Extra-Biblical Evidence. VTSup 86. Leiden/Boston/Köln: E. J. Brill, 2001.

Provan, Iain. Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. NIV Application Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001.

Reinhartz, Adele. Befriending the Beloved Disciple: A Jewish Reading of the Gospel of John. New York: Continuum, 2001.

Van Dam, Cornelius. Perspectives on Worship, Law and Faith: The Old Testament Speaks Today. Kelmscott, Australia: Pro Ecclesia, 2000.

Zerbe, Gordon, ed. Reclaiming the Old Testament: Essays in Honour of Waldemar Janzen. Winnipeg: CMBC Publications, 2001.


Recent Articles, Chapters, Conference Proceedings:

Ascough, Richard. “Matthew and Community Formation.”  In The Gospel of Matthew in Current Study: Studies in Memory of William G. Thompson, S.J.  Ed. David E. Aune, 96-126.  Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2001.

Ben Zvi, Ehud.  “Shifting the Gaze: Historiographic Constraints in Chronicles and Their Implications.”  In The Land that I Will Show You: Essays on the History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East in Honor of J. Maxwell Miller, ed. M. Patrick Graham and J. Andrew Dearman.  JSOTSup 343, 38-60.  Sheffield: JSOT Press, 2001.
______.  “About Time: Observations About the Construction of Time in the Book of Chronicles,” HBT 22 (2000) 17-31.

Cotter, Wendy.  “Cornelius, the Roman Army and Religion.”  In Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Caesaria Maritima, ed. Terrence L. Donaldson.  ESCJ 8, 279-301.  Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press, 2000.
______.  “Greco-Roman Apotheosis Traditions.”  In The Gospel of Matthew in Current Study: Studies in Memory of William G. Thompson, S.J., ed. David E. Aune, 127-53.  Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2001.
______.  “Mark’s Hero of the Twelfth-Year Miracles: The Healing of the Woman with the Hemorrhage and the Raising of Jairus’ Daughter (Mk 5:21-43).”  In A Feminist Companion to Mark, ed. Amy-Jill Levine, 54-78.  London: Sheffield Press, 2001.

Couturier, Guy.  “Quelques observations sur le BYTDWD de la stèle araméenne de Tel Dan.”  In The World of the Arameans II: Studies in History and Archaeology in Honour of Paul-Eugène Dion, ed. P. M. M. Daviau, J. W. Wevers and M. Weigl.  JSOTSup 325, 72-98.  Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001.
______.  “Roland de Vaux.” In Penseurs et apôtres du XXe siècle, dir. Jean Genest, 496-522.  Montréal: Fides, 2001.

D’Angelo, Mary Rose.  “Perfect Fear Casteth Out Love: Reading, Citing and Rape.”  In Sexual Diversity and Catholicism.  Ed. Patricia Jung.  Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2001.
______.  “Intimating Deity in the Gospel of John: Theological Language and ‘Father’ in Prayers of Jesus,” Semeia 85 (2001) 59-82.

Denzey, Nicola.  “Genesis Exegetical Traditions in the Trimorphic Protennoia,” Vigiliae Christianae 55 (2001) 20-44.
______.  “What Did the Montanists Read?” HTR, forthcoming.
______.  “The Jesus Seminar: A Classroom Exercise,” JTTR 4/1 (2001) 23-27.

Desjardins, Michel.  “Teaching with the Guide to the Study of Religion,” ARC 29 (2001) 139-50.

Donaldson, Terrence.  “What I Learned Teaching NT 101,” TJT 16 (2000) 251-65.
______.  “Introduction to the Pauline Corpus.” In The Oxford Bible Commentary, ed. John Barton and John Muddiman, 1062-83.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. 

Duhaime, Jean.  “Pluralisme religieux et risque sectaire dans les Forces armées canadiennes.”  Dans La peur des sectes, dir. Jean Duhaime and Guy-Robert St-Arnaud, 143-59.  Montréal: Fides, 2001.

Ehrlich, Carl S.  “Onomastics.” In Reader's Guide to Judaism, Michael Terry, ed., 459-60.  Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000.
______.  “Moses, Torah, and Judaism.” In The Rivers of Paradise: Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad as Religious Founders,  ed. D. N. Freedman and M. J. McClymond, 11-119, 659-63.  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001.
______.  “The bytdwd-Inscription and Israelite Historiography: Taking Stock after Half a Decade of Research.”  In The World of the Arameans II: Studies in History and Archaeology in Honour of Paul-Eugène Dion, ed. P. M. M. Daviau, J. W. Wevers and M. Weigl.  JSOTSup 325, 57-71.  Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001.
______, with Aren M. Maeir.  “Tel Zafit - 1999,” Hadashot Arkheologiyot: Excavations and Surveys in Israel 112 (2000) 97*-98* (English), 122-23 (Hebrew).
______, with Aren M. Maeir.  “Excavating Philistine Gath: Have We Found Goliath’s Hometown?" BAR 27/6 (2001) 22-31.

Fee, Gordon D.  “Wisdom Christology in Paul: A Dissenting View.”  In The Way of Wisdom: Essays in Honor of Bruce K. Waltke, ed. J. I. Packer and Sven Soderlund, 251-79.   Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2000.

Gilmour, Michael.  “Reflections on the Authorship of 2 Peter,” Evangelical Quarterly 73 (2001) 291-309.

Halpern, Baruch.  “Center and Sentry. Megiddo’s Role in Transit, Administration and Trade.”  In Megiddo III.  The 1992-1996 Seasons, ed. I. Finkelstein, D. Ussishkin and B. Halpern,  535-75.  Tel Aviv: Institute of Archaeology, 2000.
______.  “The Gate at Megiddo and the Debate over the Tenth Century.”  In Congress Volume, Oslo 1998, ed. A. Lemaire and M. Saebo.  VTSup 80, 79-121.  Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2000.
______.  “The Canine Cemetery of Persian Ashkelon: A Classical Connection?”  In The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond: Essays in Honor of James A. Sauer, ed. L. E. Stager, J. A. Greene, and M. D. Coogan, 133-44.  Atlanta: Scholars, 2000.
______.  “Yhwh, the Revolutionary? A Reflection on the Rhetoric of Justice and Redistribution in the Social Context of Dawning Monotheism.”  In Jews, Christians and the Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures, ed. A. O. Bellis and Joel Kaminsky.  Symposium Series, 179-212.  Atlanta: Scholars, 2000.
______.  “The State of Israelite History.”  In Reconsidering Israel and Judah.  Recent Studies on the Deuteronomistic History, ed. G. N. Knoppers and J. G. McConville.  Sources for Biblical and Theological Study 8, 540-65.  Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2000.
______.  “The Taking of Nothing: 2 Kings 14:25, Amos 6:14 and the Geography of the Deuteronomistic History.”  In The World of the Arameans I: Biblical Studies in Honour of Paul-Eugène Dion, ed. P. M. M. Daviau, J. W. Wevers and M. Weigl.  JSOTSup 324, 186-204.  Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001.

Henderson, Ian.  “‘Salted with Fire’ (Mark 9.42-50): Style, Oracles and (Socio)Rhetorical Gospel Criticism,” JSNT 80 (2000) 44-65.

Hobbs, T. Raymond.  “Soldiers in the Gospels: A Neglected Agent.”  In Social Science Models for Interpreting the Bible, ed. J. J. Pilch, 328-48.  Leiden: Brill, 2001.
______.  “Hospitality and the ‘Teleological Fallacy’,” JSOT 95 (2001) 3-30.
______.  “The Political Jesus: Discipleship and Disengagement.” In The Social Setting of Jesus and the Gospels, ed. B. J. Malina, W. Stegemann and Gerd Theissen, forthcoming.  Minneapolis: Augsburg/Fortress, 2001.

Jervis, L. Ann.  “Suffering in the Reign of God.  The Persecution of Disciples in Q,” NovT 44 (2001) 3-20.
______.  “All for Jesus.  The Cause, Character and Role of Discipleship Suffering in Q,” Pro Ekklesia (forthcoming).
______.  “Accepting Affliction.  Paul’s Preaching on Suffering.” In The Character of Scripture.  Moral Formation, Community and Biblical Interpretation.  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, at press.

Jobling, David.  “Methods of Modern Literary Criticism.”  In The Blackwell Companion to the Hebrew Bible, ed. Leo G. Purdue, 19-35.  Oxford: Blackwell, 2001.
______.  “Postmodern Pentecost: A Reading of Acts 2.” In Postmodern Interpretations of the Bible - A Reader, ed. A. K. M. Adam, 207-17.  St.  Louis: Chalice, 2001.

Kloppenborg, John S.  “Discursive Practices in the Sayings Gospel Q and the Quest of the Historical Jesus.”  In The Sayings Source Q and the Historical Jesus, Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense XLIX, ed. Andreas Lindemann.  BETL 158, 149-90.  Leuven: Leuven University Press and Uitgeverij Peeters, 2001.
______.  “Is there a New Paradigm?”  In Festschrift for David R. Catchpole, ed. C. M. Tuckett and David Horrell.  NTSup 99, 23-47.  Leiden/Boston/Köln: E. J. Brill, 2000.
______.  “Dating Theodotos (CIJ II 1404),” JJS 51 (2000) 243-80.
______ and Robert A. Derrenbacker, Jr.  “Self-Contradiction in the IQP? A Reply to Michael Goulder,” JBL 120 (2001) 57-76.

Knoppers, Gary.   “The Chronicler’s History,” “Chronicles,” “The Deutero-nomistic History,” “Solomon.”  In Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, ed. D. N. Freedman.  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2000.
______.  “Is There a Future for the Deuteronomistic History?”  In The Future of the Deuteronomistic History, ed. Thomas Romer.  BETL 147, 119-34.  Leuven: Peeters, 2000.
______.  “The Preferential Status of the Eldest Son Revoked?”  In Rethinking the Foundations: Historiography in the Ancient World and in the Bible: Essays in Honour of John Van Seters, ed. T. Romer and S. L. McKenzie.  BZAW 294, 115-26.  Berlin: de Gruyter, 2000.
______.  Introduction to and Notes on 1 and 2 Chronicles.   In The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 576-670.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
______.  “Sources, Revisions, and Editions: The Lists of Jerusalem’s Residents in MT and LXX Nehemiah 11 and I Chronicles 9,” Textus 20 (2000) 141-68.
______.  “Intermarriage, Social Complexity, and Ethnic Diversity in the Genealogy of Judah,” JBL 120 (2001) 15-30.
______.  “‘Great Among His Brothers’, but Who is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah,” JHS 3/4 (2000) http://www.purl.org/jhs.
______.  “Rethinking the Relationship between Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic History: The Case of Kings,” CBQ 63 (2001) 393-415.

Knowles, Michael.   “‘Wide Is the Gate and Spacious the Road That Leads to Destruction’: Matthew 7:13 in Light of Archaeological Evidence,” Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 2 (2001) http://www.jgrchj.com/.
______.  “From Vulnerable to Venerable: Scriptural Perspectives on Aging and the Elderly,” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 5 (2002)  http://www.mcmaster.ca/ mjtm.
______.  “Once More ‘Lead Us Not Eis Peirasmon’.” ExpTim (in press).

LeMarquand, Grant.  “New Testament Exegesis in (Modern) Africa.”  In The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends, ed. Gerald O. West and Musa W. Dube, 72-102.  Leiden: Brill, 2000. 
______.  “Bibliography of the Bible in Africa.” In The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends, ed. Gerald O. West and Musa W. Dube, 633-800.  Leiden: Brill, 2000.
______.  “The Bible and Africa(ns), and Africa(ns) and the Bible,” BOTSA 10 (2001) 16-20.
______ with Eliud Wabukala.  “Cursed Be Everyone Who Hangs on A Tree: Pastoral Implications of Deuteronomy 21:22-23 and Galatians 3:13 in an African Context.”  In The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends, ed. Gerald O. West and Musa W. Dube,  350-59.  Leiden: Brill, 2000.

MacDonald, Margaret Y.  “2 Corinthians.”  In The Oxford Bible Commentary, ed. John Barton and John Middiman, 1134-51.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.

Morrow, William.  “The Sefire Treaty Stipulations and the Mesopotamian Treaty Tradition.”  In The World of the Arameans III: Studies in Language and Literature in Honour of Paul-Eugène Dion, ed. P. M. M. Daviau, J. W. Wevers and M. Weigl.  JSOTSup 326, 83-99.  Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001.
______.  “Mesopotamian Scribal Techniques and Deuteronomic Composition.  Notes on Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation,” ZABR 6 (2000) 302-13.

Provan, Iain.  “The terrors of the night: Love, sex and power in Song of Songs 3.”  In The Way of Wisdom: Essays in Honor of Bruce K. Waltke, ed. J. I. Packer and S. K. Soderlund, 150-67.  Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2000.
______.  “1 and 2 Kings.”  In The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 3rd ed., ed. M. D. Coogan,  487-575.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.
______.  “The Circle of life,” Crux 37:1 (2001) 2-6.
______.  “Holistic ministry,” Crux 37:2 (2001) 22-30. 

Reimer, Andy M.  “Rescuing the Fallen Angels: The Case of the Disappearing Angels at Qumran,” Dead Sea Discoveries 7 (2000) 334-53.

Reinhartz, Adele.  “John 8:31-59 from a Jewish Perspective.”  In Remembering for the Future 2000: The Holocaust in an Age of Genocides, vol. 2.  Ed. John K. Roth and Elisabeth Maxwell-Meynard, 787-97.  New York: Palgrave, 2001.
______.  “The Greek Book of Esther.”  In The Oxford Bible Commentary, ed. John Barton et al.,  642-49.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.
______.  “‘And the Word was Begotten’: Divine Epigenesis in the Gospel of John.”  In Semeia 85 (1999): God the Father in the Gospel of John, ed. Adele Reinhartz, 83-103.
______.  “Reflections on Table Fellowship and Community Identity.”  In Semeia 86 (1999): Food and Drink in the Biblical Worlds, ed. Athalya Brenner and Jan Willem van Henten, 227-33.
______.  “Margins, Methods, and Metaphors: Reflections on A Feminist Companion to the Hebrew Bible,” Prooftexts 20 (2000) 47-66.

Schuller, Eileen.  “Reflections on the Function and Use of Poetical Texts in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” In Liturgical Perspectives: Prayer and Poetry in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium of the Orion Centre, 19-23 January, 2000, ed. Esther Chazon and Avital Pinnick.  Leiden: Brill (at press).
______.  “Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls.”  In Into God's Presence: Prayer in the New Testament, ed. Richard Longenecker, 642-49.  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001.
______.  “Worship, Temple and Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls.”  In Judaism in Late Antiquity, Part 5, Volume I, The Judaism of Qumran: A Systemic Reading of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ed. Alan Avery-Peck, Jacob Neusner and Bruce Chilton, 642-49.  Leiden: Brill, 2001.
______.  “Some Contributions of the Cave Four Manuscripts (4Q427-432) to the Study of the Hodayot,” Dead Sea Discoveries 8 (2001) 278-87.

Scobie, Charles H. H.  “History of Biblical Theology.”  In New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, 11-20.  Leicester, England/Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity Press, 2000. 

Van Dam, Cornelius.  “Behind the Curtain: The Gospel of the Holy of Holies,” Modern Reformation 10:1 (2001) 8-12.

Webb, Robert L.  “Jesus’ Baptism: Its Historicity and Implications,” BBR 10 (2000) 261-309.
______ and Darrell L. Bock.  “Introduction to the IBR Jesus Group,” BBR 10 (2000) 259-60.

Yorke, Gosnell L.  “The Bible in the Black Diaspora: Links with African Christianity.”  In The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends, ed. Gerald O. West and Musa W. Dube, 127-49.  Leiden: Brill, 2000.

Zerbe, Gordon.  “Forgiveness and the Transformation of Conflict: The Continuity of a Biblical Paradigm.”  In Reclaiming the Old Testament: Essays in Honour of Waldemar Janzen, ed. Gordon Zerbe, 235-58.  Winnipeg: CMBC Publications, 2001.


Appointments, Promotions, Awards, Honors:

Ascough, Richard.  Queen’s University Advisory Research Committee Grant: “Voluntary Associations and Christian Community Formation in Greco-Roman Antiquity.”

Batten, Alicia. Grant from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology.

Crook, Zeba. Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
______. Catholic Biblical Association Memorial Stipend.

Derrenbacker, Robert A., Jr. Ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada (May 6, 2001).
______. Part-time Assistant Curate in the West Toronto Deanery (September 1, 2001).

Desjardins, Michel. Wilfrid Laurier University's Award for Teaching Excellence (2001).
______. 3M Teaching Fellow (2001).
______. Promotion to Full Professor.

Donaldson, Terrence. Adjunct Faculty Member, Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto.
______. Research Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: “Gentilization in Judaism and Early Christianity.”
______. Honorary Doctor of Canon Law, College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Saskatoon .

Duhaime, Jean. Skirball Visiting Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Sept. 2001 - Jan. 2002).
______. CBA Visiting Professor, École Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem (Feb. - May 2002).

Ehrlich, Carl S. Visiting Professor in Bible and Jewish Biblical Interpretation, Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg, Germany, 2000-01.

Fox, Kenneth A. Assistant Professor of New Testament, Alliance Biblical Seminary, Manila (Philippines).

Harland, Philip A. Assistant Professor, History of Christianity, Concordia University.

Henderson, Ian. 2001-2002 DAAD Gastprofessur, Universität Erfurt.

Irwin, Brian P. Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Alliance Theological Seminary - NYC.

Jervis, L. Ann. Promoted to Full Professor.

Jobling, David. Second three-year term (2002-4) as General Editor of Semeia.

Kloppenborg, John S. Professor of Religion, Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont Graduate University.
______. Visiting Professor of Religion, University of Calgary.
______. 2001 Francis W. Beare Book Prize (for Excavating Q), Canadian Society of Biblical Studies.

LeMarquand, Grant.  Nelson Burr Prize, honorable mention, awarded July 2000 by The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church to recognize the special theme issue entitled “Essays on the Anglican Church in China, 1844-1997” LXVII, #2, June 1998.

MacDonald, Margaret Y. President, Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion.

McLaughlin, John L. Wheeling Jesuit University Summer Research Grant, May-August, 2001.
______. Promoted to Associate Professor (effective July, 2002) and granted tenure (effective 2003), Wheeling Jesuit University.
______. Appointed Assistant Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael's College (July 1, 2002).

Mitchell, Matthew W. Awarded “University Fellowship” at Temple University, September 2001.

Morrow, William. Lilly Theological Research Grant: ATS Faculty Fellowship, 2001-2002.

Muir, Steven. 10-month appointment in Religious Studies, University of Lethbridge.

Provan, Iain. The Lund Lectures, North Park Theological Seminary, September 2001: 1. The Death of Biblical History?: A Critical Review; 2. Knowing and Believing: Faith in the Past.

Racine, Jean-François. Professeur régulier et directeur du module de théologie, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

Schuller, Eileen. Convocation Address, October 2001, at Concordia University College, Edmonton.
______. Annual R. T. Orr Lecture at Huron University College, University of Western Ontario.

Webb, Robert L. Research Professor in New Testament, Tyndale Seminary.
______. Editor, Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Webster, Jane S. Co-Chair, Society of Biblical Literature Committee for the Status of Women in the Profession.

Wood, Joyce Rilett. Sessional Instructor at University of St. Michael's College, 2001-2002.
______. Sessional Instructor at Huron University College, Spring term, 2002.

Yorke, Gosnell L. Invited to give the Annual Founders’ Day Lecture, United Theological College of the West Indies, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica (March 2001).
______. Elected an SNTS member (August, 2001).

Zerbe, Gordon. New Testament Editor, for the Believers Church Bible Commentary series (Herald Press).


Dissertations Completed:

Chartrand-Burke, Tony.  “The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: The Text, its Origins, and its Transmission.”  Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2001.

Fox, Kenneth A.  “Paul’s Attitude Toward the Body in Romans 6-8: Compared with Philo of Alexandria.” Ph.D., University of St. Michael's College/Toronto School of Theology, 2001.

Gilmour, Michael.  “The Significance of Parallels Between 2 Peter and Other Early Christian Literature.”  Ph.D., McGill University, 2000.

Knowles, Melody D.  “The Centrality of the Jerusalem Temple in the Religious Practice of Yehud in the Persian Period.”  Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2001.

Mitchell, Christine.  “The Ideal Ruler as Intertext in 1-2 Chronicles and the Cyropaedia.”  Ph.D., Carleton University, 2001.

Mitchell, Matthew W.  “‘I Will Go and Return.’ Motion, Tension and the Uncertainty of Salvation in the Language and Literary Structure of the Book of Hosea.”  M.A., Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2000.

Webster, Jane S.  “Ingesting Jesus: Eating and Drinking in the Gospel of John.”  Ph.D., McMaster University, 2001.


Research in Progress:

Ascough, Richard. Editor, Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Sardis and Smyrna. ESCJ. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Batten, Alicia. James.
______. Voluntary Associations.

Calvert-Koysis, Nancy. Monograph: Paul's use of Abraham traditions in Galatians and Romans from a Foucauldian standpoint.

Crook, Zeba. Dissertation: Patron-Client Language and Ancient Conversion Narratives.

Damm, Alex. Ancient Rhetoric and the Synoptic Problem.
______. Virgil and the Shepherd of Hermas.

Denzey, Nicola. Philosophy of the Emotions in Early Christianity.
______. Early Christian Cosmology.

Desjardins, Michel. Preparing a Critical Edition of The Concept of our Great Power for the series Bibliothèque copte de Nag Hammadi.

Duhaime, Jean. Collaboration à la traduction française de Florentino García Martínez, Textos de Qumrán. Madrid, Editorial Trotta, 4e éd.

Fox, Kenneth A.  “The Present Resurrection of the ‘Inner Person’ of the Baptized in Romans 6-8 Revisited.”
______.  “Anthony C. Thiselton over the Hermeneutical Abyss.”
______.  “The Concept of Mind in Philo of Alexandria.”

Gilmour, Michael.  Religion in Popular Culture.
______.  The Bible in Bob Dylan’s Writing (Trinity Press).

Hammer, Keir E.  Dissertation: “The Language of Rebirth in 1 Peter: Its Socio-Rhetorical Implications” (working title).

Harland, Philip A.  “Spheres of Contention, Claims of Preeminence: Rivalries Among Associations in Sardis and Smyrna.”  In Religious Competition and Coexistence in Sardis and Smyrna, ed. Richard Ascough.  ESCJ.  Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, forthcoming.
______.  “The Declining Polis?  Religious Rivalries in Ancient Civic Context.” In Religious Rivalries and Relations Among Pagans, Jews, and Christians, ed. Leif E. Vaage.  ESCJ.  Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, forthcoming.
______.  “Social Networks and Connections with the Elites in the World of the Early Christians.”  In Handbook of Early Christianity and the Social Sciences, ed. Anthony J. Blasi, Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Duhaime.  Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press, forthcoming.
______.  “The Economy of First Century Palestine: The State of Scholarly Discussion.”  In Handbook of Early Christianity and the Social Sciences, ed. Anthony J. Blasi, Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Duhaime.  Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press, forthcoming.

Hobbs, T. Raymond. Warfare and Ideology.

Idestrom, Rebecca G. S. Women as Biblical Interpreters.

Jervis, L. Ann. At the Heart of the Gospel. Suffering in the Earliest Christian Message. Under contract with Eerdmans.

Kloppenborg, John S. Ancient Viticulture in Palestine and Egypt.
______. Associations in the Graeco-Roman World.

Knoppers, Gary. I Chronicles. Anchor Bible. New York: Doubleday, forthcoming.
______.  “The Davidic Genealogy in Chronicles: Some Contextual Considera-tions from the Ancient Mediterranean World,” Transeuphratene
______.  “An Achaemenid Authorization of the Torah in Yehud?”  In Persia and Torah: The Theory of Imperial Authorization of the Pentateuch, ed. James W. Watts.  SBL Symposium Series.  Atlanta: SBL Press.

Knowles, Melody D.   Monograph on Ancient Pilgrimage.

MacDonald, Margaret Y.  “Can Nympha Rule this House?  The Rhetoric of Domesticity in Colossians.”  In Persuasion and Performance: Rhetoric and Reality in Early Christian Discourses, ed. Willi Braun (forthcoming).
______.  “Was Celsus Right? The Role of Women in the Expansion of Christianity.” In Early Christian Families in Context: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue, ed. David Balch and Carolyn Osiek, forthcoming.
______.  SSHRC Grant: “The Role of Women in the Christianization of the Roman Empire.”

McLaughlin, John L.  The Parables of Jesus (under contract for Novalis Press).
______.  The Prophets and Social Justice (in preparation for Novalis Press).
______.  “On the Translation of rawah (‘Be Intoxicated?’).”
______.  Survey of Ancient Israelite Religion.

Mitchell, Matthew W.  Ph.D. Research: Paul's presentation of his “call” through an examination of the metaphors employed by him in discussing his apostolic status.

Morrow, William.  The Bible’s Tradition of Protest Prayer: Eclipse and Recovery.

Muir, Steven. Religious Rivalries in North Africa.
______. Ritual in Early Christianity.

Reinhartz, Adele. A thematic study of the Jesus film genre, for a book called Jesus of Hollywood (New York: Oxford).
______. Essays on the use of the Bible in contemporary fiction film, for a book called Scripture on the Silver Screen (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox).

Scobie, Charles H. H. Biblical Theology.

Wood, Joyce Rilett. A series of papers on Jeremiah.
______. Editing of the Psalms.
______. Isaiah in History and Biography.

Yorke, Gosnell L. Co-editing a volume for the United Bible Societies: Issues in Bible Translation in Africa.

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