The Annual Meeting

The CSBS/SCÉB 2015 Annual Meeting will be held at
the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
May 30- June 1

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Calls for Papers

The Call for Papers is Now Open

To present a paper in the General Programme, please send proposed titles, along with an abstract of approximately 100 words to the programme coordinator zeba.crook@gmail.com as an e-mail attachment (in Word or RTF) by January 22, 2015 at the latest. Be sure to include your institutional affiliation, if applicable. The programme is developed in late-January and approved in February by the Executive, and proposals that are not submitted on time likely cannot be accommodated within the schedule. Please indicate when submitting your proposal if you are unable to participate on a specific day of the week for religious reasons. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, but please be advised that complex scheduling requirements may not make this possible.


"Early Christianity, Early Judaism and the Study of Religion"

This three-year seminar will explore ways in which early Christianity and Judaism and the wider study of religion might fruitfully interact. It will consider issues from both sides of the divide: first, how approaches to religious phenomena in general might illuminate, destabilize and refocus the study of early Christianity and Judaism; and second, how data drawn from the latter might generate new insights into the more general study of religion. Interrogation and, where useful, reformulation of familiar categories will in all cases be encouraged. Contact person for this seminar is Stephen Wilson stephenwilson@cunet.carleton.ca

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